Step By Step (Counselling)

Lancashire BME Network are proud to offer a service called ‘Talk Me Happy’. 

‘Talk Me Happy’ is Lancashire BME Network’s umbrella term for our talking services. Sitting proudly under this is ‘Side by Side’, which is our Bereavement & Befriending service, and ‘Step By Step’ which is our Counselling service.

‘Step By Step’ is Lancashire BME Network’s counselling service. Individuals can be referred directly into the service or can be signposted to it after use of/referral into ‘Side By Side’ – the bereavement and befriending support service. 

Lancashire BME Network launched its counselling service (‘Step By Step’) in July 2019 and has been actively working in partnership with Blackburn College to allow qualified counsellors to complete counselling hours within the service. At Lancashire BME Network, we endeavour to attain a professional standard at all times.  The counsellors have varied backgrounds and cultures and as such, we are able to offer a culturally sensitive, bilingual service. Since its inception we have worked with individuals from all walks of life and been able to offer them up to 8 sessions (on a weekly basis). Counselling sessions take place within our dedicated counselling rooms within our offices.

Please note our usual wait time for assessments is within 14 working days.

If your referral is urgent, you can access support from Samaritans, Mind and LSCFT Mental Health Crisis Line.

We recommend that you do not attend two different therapies at the same time as this can be confusing and overwhelming. However, self-help websites and support can be invaluable pre-therapy or during therapy.

If you would like to access our service, please email or call 01254 392974.

If you would like to refer someone into the service, please send a completed referral form to 


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