I-REP Independent Race and Equality Panel

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The Independent Race and Equality Panel (I-REP)


The I-REP was established in October 2020 as a response to the increased recognition of the systematic marginalisation of minority ethnic and other minority communities across Lancashire, and due to their under-representation within the public sector.


Vision: “A Lancashire where equality, equity and inclusion is a sustainable reality for all.”

Mission: “To challenge structures, systems and services by providing advice, solutions and practical support, enabling inclusivity for all.”



The I-REP seeks to:

  1. Work in co-operation with statutory, voluntary and other bodies were there is a perceived or actual lack of equity.
  2. Identify areas of service provision by public, voluntary or private sector bodies in all areas where there is a perceived or actual lack of equity, equality with particular regard to minority ethnic and other marginalised communities to bring about positive changes.
  3. Scrutinise, advise, challenge and inform any organisation where systemic issues of inequality are identified or referred by Network members or others interested in advancing the work of the Panel through the provision of support to drive change or development.
  4. If appropriate, to commission research or to study, assess or inform research already being undertaken at a local, regional or national levels.
  5. Negotiate, develop, improve & encourage those bodies to improve provision for all where such discrepancies/inequalities are shown to exist.
  6. Act as the validating body for organisations recommended as being Charter Mark ready
  7. To encourage organisations to work towards achievement of a recognised Charter Mark supporting BAME communities.


The current composition of the I-REP is 16 members – comprising Chief Executives and other members of the VCFSE sector; Local Councillors and academics.    Meetings take place monthly with members working towards the vision of a Lancashire in which equality, equity and inclusion is a sustainable reality for all.

If you would like further information or would like to be supported by the I-REP, please contact Jonathon Prasad – Secretariat to the I-REP: jonathon.prasad@lancashirebmenetwork.org.uk